Cantabile Youth Singers of Silicon Valley

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Cantabile Youth Singers of Silicon Valley offers children and teens comprehensive choral music education and performance opportunities of the highest caliber. The Cantabile brand represents quality and a history of promoting youth singing in the communities. Appzaar focused on capturing this high quality brand and developed a new website that looked modern yet stayed true to the long traditional roots of Cantabile. Parallel to the goal of striking the right balance in the design, we strove to provide the highest level of user-friendly experience and an intuitive navigation system for their visitors. Finally, we integrated our online payment and registration services to provide their users with an enhanced customer service experience.

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We conduct initial one-on-one sessions to get a good grasp of what your unique needs, challenges, and overall goals are. We take a user-focused approach and observe your motivations and needs. During this stage we learn as much as possible about your business and identify short and long term goals. Our design team then analyzes what we have learned about your business, your audience, your goal and your budget to create a roadmap for your website project.

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