Web Design and Web Development

Brilliant and successful websites go far beyond content and graphics. They blend functionality and beauty to effectively promote your brand’s style. They emphasize responsive designs, engaging graphics, and effective branding. Our unique custom website design process starts by analyzing your business goals and conceptualizing tailored designs for your target audience. During the development stage, we leverage the best of open-source technologies to build stable and scalable applications. Our team of developers focuses on quality and user-friendly content to ensure the long-term success of your business. We utilize the following design principles to solidify your brand’s identity and improve your users’ web experience:

  • Strong information architecture
  • Efficient content management
  • Intuitive user experience
  • Engaging graphic design
  • Effective branding
Web Design Trends
We provide innovative web solutions that help businesses stay competitive and grow.Your website is the face of your business to online community and your visitors. It should look professional and have the right elements that would convert visitors into customers. We build websites that promote your brand and serve your community.

Appzaar solutions deliver just what you want, on time and on budget.

We follow our proven system to ensure the quality of our web design projects and consistency across all of our solutions:

  • We will work with you to gather the information we need to build your website, branding, style, and features.
  • Our designers create a conceptual design for your website based on your criteria and vision. We work with you and iterate through the design together until we will ultimately arrive at a solution that implements your branding and has all the right features.
  • After successful launch of your website, we will provide you with the training and ongoing support as needed.
Web Development
Our Web design and development services fit the needs of many organizations such as:

  • Small and medium-sized businesses (SMB)
  • Large enterprises
  • Non-profit organizations

Our work will start out on a step by step basis including:

  • Requirements gathering
  • Project scoping
  • Strategic oversight
  • Custom visual design
  • Back end functional development
  • Systems integration
  • Database and hosting configuration
  • Information architecture
  • User experience
  • Performance testing
  • Training and ongoing support
Web Solutions
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We conduct initial one-on-one sessions to get a good grasp of what your unique needs, challenges, and overall goals are. We take a user-focused approach and observe your motivations and needs. During this stage we learn as much as possible about your business and identify short and long term goals. Our design team then analyzes what we have learned about your business, your audience, your goal and your budget to create a roadmap for your website project.

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Our goal is to provide you and your clients with a quality digital experience. To successfully execute your web development project we have implemented a proven multi-stage workflow. Every stage of the website design process focuses on creating a clear and unique user experience for your target audience. The design team identifies areas of opportunity and structures a project proposal with our recommendations. We know time and money are important to every business-- we always strive to deliver on time and on budget.

The followings are our focus areas when preparing your project:
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We develop your website with your brand in mind and blend your style with all the components of the new site. We provide frequent checkpoints to ensure we stay on course with your visibility. Appzaar developers focus on quality, functionality and usability. The team uses its comprehensive experience to build a stable and scalable website regardless of the complexity of the project. Our web development process considers all the web design requirements of the project and implements them using the latest technologies and open content management systems (CMS).