Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Consider these facts. Approximately 95% of people start their online experience with Google, Bing, or another search engine to look up information in the Internet. Many, about 75% of them, are quite satisfied with the first result page that these search engines bring up and never scroll past the first page to look at other listings.

Just having a presence on the web is not enough–you need SEO marketing to compete in today’s competitive market. Your website is the first point of contact with your online audience. You need to optimize (SEO) your website to ensure search engines list your services ahead of your competition, generate leads, attract prospects and convert them to new customers.
We can help you reach your target audience. We start by completing a free website analysis on your current website and your search engines rankings. Based on our findings, we determine the right SEO strategies for your campaign and execute the SEO process.

Our team of experts will implement the following strategies:

  • Organic SEO
  • Local SEO
  • PPC campaign (pay per click)
  • Social Media site setup

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is the process of improving the ranking of a website in a search engine’s natural (organic and unpaid) search result pages. Compared to paid listings, organic SEO is a cost-effective way to serving the relevant content. When users search for keywords and to generate unpaid clicks, bringing your target audience to the website and converting them to clients. Our team of experts can help your organization improve its natural search engine ranking by applying a proven system of techniques and following our guidelines for best practices.

The processes we employ include the followings:

  • Keyword research and analysis
  • Page structure improvement, such as meta tags and paragraph headings
  • Visual content (graphics and videos) embedding
  • Site map creation
Organic SEO
Local SEO

Local SEO

Do you own a construction company in San Jose, California, an organization that provides language after-school classes in Indianapolis, Indiana, or a coffee shop in New York? Local SEO helps one-third of all iPhone and Android users locate at least two businesses they previously hadn’t known about. We can help new customers discover your business. With Local SEO, we manage your business listings and ensure your business name, address, and phone number are correct and consistent online.
We manage your local business identity by utilizing a set of proven techniques:

  • Provide citations (name, address, and phone number) for your business in local business directories such as Google Maps, Yelp, Yahoo! Local, SuperPages and Merchant Circle
  • Updating your business information to all the major data aggregators and a number of top-tier online directories
  • Removing duplicate business listings

Social Media & SEO

If you want to improve the search engine results for your business, you need to understand how social media impacts the ranking of your website. Search engines have begun to incorporate social signals such as Facebook likes and Twitter retweets into their search engine ranking algorithms. These signals are the tech version of word-of-mouth marketing that drives new business to a brand.
We will help your organization to attract new prospects to your business by performing the below tasks:

  • Establishing and improving your social media presence on the Internet
  • Providing you with the best practices to improve your social media signals, Facebook likes and Twitter retweets
  • Helping you boost your rankings with visual content, such as images and videos
Social Network

Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click (PPC) search engines give you instant traffic. You bid on keywords that best define your business marketing strategy. Your ads will show up in search engine result pages when someone searches for products or services using the keywords that you placed a bid on. You pay per click, only when a user clicks on your ad. PPC campaigns are inherently different that organic search SEO strategies, where you make an investment upfront but not incur any charges when visitors click on your company link. Together, PPC and SEO is the most effective way of launching customer acquisition campaigns and can result in a significant increase in return on investment (ROI).
Running a PPC campaign can be costly and ineffective without the proper research, management and technical skills. That’s where our experienced team of search engine marketing professionals can help. We’ll set up your ad campaign, provide comprehensive adwords management and make adjustments along the way to ensure you’re getting new, targeted leads.The setup phase includes the followings:

  • Keyword Research – We’ll find the most cost-effective keywords to target within your budget.
  • Landing Pages – We’ll help you create a compelling new landing page to engage your visitors and convert the leads into paying clients.
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We conduct initial one-on-one sessions to get a good grasp of what your unique needs, challenges, and overall goals are. We take a user-focused approach and observe your motivations and needs. During this stage we learn as much as possible about your business and identify short and long term goals. Our design team then analyzes what we have learned about your business, your audience, your goal and your budget to create a roadmap for your website project.

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Our goal is to provide you and your clients with a quality digital experience. To successfully execute your web development project we have implemented a proven multi-stage workflow. Every stage of the website design process focuses on creating a clear and unique user experience for your target audience. The design team identifies areas of opportunity and structures a project proposal with our recommendations. We know time and money are important to every business-- we always strive to deliver on time and on budget.

The followings are our focus areas when preparing your project:
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We develop your website with your brand in mind and blend your style with all the components of the new site. We provide frequent checkpoints to ensure we stay on course with your visibility. Appzaar developers focus on quality, functionality and usability. The team uses its comprehensive experience to build a stable and scalable website regardless of the complexity of the project. Our web development process considers all the web design requirements of the project and implements them using the latest technologies and open content management systems (CMS).